19 December 2007

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December 19, 2007
Rick Warren Councils Jewish Leaders On How to Recruit Congregants

This story from the Christian Post is just mind boggling.

It says: "Megachurch pastor Rick Warren attended a large Reform Jewish gathering last week to share tips on how to build a community....
The “Purpose-Driven” pastor spoke to thousands of Jewish leaders Thursday night at the Union for Reform Judaism’s biennial convention in San Diego.
With the holiday season in mind, Warren urged clergy to take advantage of crowded events to publicize other programs so people can get involved in the community through smaller groups.
“There are some principles that apply regardless of our faith, if it’s Jewish or Christian,” he said at the convention....
After Warren spoke a few minutes at the podium, he sat alongside two popular Southern California rabbis for a casual talk about strengthening congregational life."
Are we missing something here? We've been working from the notion that Jesus Christ is the ONLY way of salvation and that we as the church are called to make disciples through the preaching of Christ Crucified for sinners. With that being the case, we don't see any freedom given by God in His Word for a Christian pastor to help Jewish synagogues recruit people.
Have we completely missed the boat here? Are non-Christians now saved? Is the only thing that matters to God is that people go to "A" house of worship regardless of whether it is Christian, Jewish, Muslim or 'other'?
How is what Rick Warren did NOT a complete betrayal of Jesus Christ?

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