15 November 2007

Heresy of Campolo

Colleges, Contemplative and Campolo
Published November 14th, 2007 by Editor in Emerging Church, General News, Catholicism, Ecumenism, New Age, Buddhism, New Evangelicalism

Watcher’s Lamp takes a look at the growing contemplative movement on college campuses such as Emory (Methodist) and Georgetown (Catholic).
The movement grows with the help of advocates such as the Dalai Lama and Tony Campolo.
In the video below, Tony Campolo ( of Eastern University) explains how St. Ignatius coined the term "centering prayer". Campolo describes how he practices centering prayer…" push everything out of your mind …allow Christ to invade you". Campolo gets "full of the Holy Spirit that way"…
Listen to Campolo describe how the Holy Spirit "is in you before you became a Christian" (unlike being dead in your trespasses) and "Christ indwells all, saved and unsaved."


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